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pastor ashish habil

Pastor lauren kusant

Pastor Ashish  is a missionary, preacher, evangelist, and teacher with a passion to minister the Word of God. The focus of Ashish’s ministry has been centered on revival, salvation, healing and deliverance.


After getting into an accident as a teenager and declared legally handicapped, Pastor Ashish started meditating on the word of God and by faith was instantly healed! 


After that time Ashish has not stopped traveling the world preaching the Gospel and seeing God perform miracles, signs and wonders 

Pastor Lauren is a missionary and preacher whose desire it is to see people set free from the bondages of religion.  Her heart is to equip the body of Christ with the truth that Jesus taught so they will be empowered to fulfill the Great Commission.

Growing up as a Christian, Pastor Lauren never gave up on her faith, but in her late 20's she began to experience anxiety and depression.  In a moment of desperation, Lauren cried out to the Lord, "if you are real make yourself known to me."  From that moment on, the Lord touched her life and she has never looked back.  She went from having an intellectual knowledge of God to knowing Him intimately.

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